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Part I. GIMP Widgets

Table of Contents

Object Hierarchy
Widget Gallery
GimpBrowser — A base class for a documentation browser.
GimpButton — A GtkButton with a little extra functionality.
GimpChainButton — Widget to visually connect two entry widgets.
GimpColorArea — Displays a GimpRGB color, optionally with alpha-channel.
GimpColorButton — Widget for selecting a color from a simple button.
GimpColorHexEntry — Widget for entering a color's hex triplet.
GimpColorScale — Fancy colored sliders.
GimpColorSelection — Widget for doing a color selection.
GimpColorProfileChooserDialog — A file chooser for selecting color profiles.
GimpColorProfileStore — A GtkListStore subclass that keep color profiles.
GimpColorProfileComboBox — A combo box for selecting color profiles.
GimpColorProfileView — A widget for viewing color profile properties
GimpDialog — Constructors for GtkDialog's and action_areas as well as other dialog-related stuff.
GimpEnumStore — A GimpIntStore subclass that keeps enum values.
GimpEnumComboBox — A GimpIntComboBox subclass for selecting an enum value.
GimpEnumLabel — A GtkLabel subclass that displays an enum value.
GimpFileEntry — Widget for entering a filename.
GimpFrame — A widget providing a HIG-compliant subclass of GtkFrame.
GimpHintBox — Displays a wilber icon and a text.
GimpIntComboBox — A widget providing a popup menu of integer values (e.g. enums).
GimpIntStore — A model for integer based name-value pairs (e.g. enums)
GimpMemSizeEntry — A composite widget to enter a memory size.
GimpNumberPairEntry — A GtkEntry subclass to enter ratios.
GimpOffsetArea — Widget to control image offsets.
GimpPageSelector — A widget to select pages from multi-page things.
GimpPathEditor — Widget for editing a file search path.
GimpPickButton — Widget to pick a color from screen.
GimpPreviewArea — A general purpose preview widget which caches its pixel data.
GimpPreview — A widget providing a GimpPreviewArea plus framework to update the preview.
GimpRuler — A ruler widget with configurable unit and orientation.
GimpScrolledPreview — A widget providing a GimpPreview enhanced by scrolling capabilities.
GimpSizeEntry — Widget for entering pixel values and resolutions.
GimpStringComboBox — A GtkComboBox subclass to select strings.
GimpUnitStore — A model for units
GimpUnitComboBox — A GtkComboBox to select a GimpUnit.
GimpZoomModel — A model for zoom values.
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