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for GIMP 2.10.16

I. GIMP Base Library
gimpbaseenums — Basic GIMP enumeration data types.
gimpbasetypes — Translation between gettext translation domain identifier and GType.
gimpversion — Macros and constants useful for determining GIMP's version number and capabilities.
gimplimits — Boundaries of some GIMP data types and some global constants.
gimpparam — Definitions of useful GParamFlags.
gimpchecks — Constants and functions related to rendering checkerboards.
gimpcpuaccel — Functions to query and configure CPU acceleration.
gimpdatafiles — Functions to handle GIMP data files.
gimpenv — Functions to access the GIMP environment.
gimpmemsize — Functions to (de)serialize a given memory size.
GimpMetadata — Basic functions for handling GimpMetadata objects.
gimprectangle — Utility functions dealing with rectangle extents.
GimpParasite — Arbitrary pieces of data which can be attached to various GIMP objects.
gimpparasiteio — Utility functions to (de)serialize certain C structures to/from GimpParasite's.
gimpsignal — Portable signal handling.
gimpunit — Provides a collection of predefined units and functions for creating user-defined units.
gimputils — Utilities of general interest
GimpValueArray — A container structure to maintain an array of generic values
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