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Controlling the Core's Selection Dialogs

GimpSelectButton — The base class of the data select buttons.
gimpbrushselectbutton — A button that pops up a brush selection dialog.
GimpFontSelectButton — A button which pops up a font selection dialog.
GimpGradientSelectButton — A button which pops up a gradient select dialog.
GimpPaletteSelect — A button which pops up a palette select dialog.
GimpPatternSelectButton — A button which pops up a pattern select dialog.
gimpbrushselect — Functions providing a brush selection dialog.
gimpfontselect — Functions providing a font selection dialog.
gimpgradientselect — Functions providing a gradient selection dialog.
gimppaletteselect — Functions providing a palette selection dialog.
gimppatternselect — Functions providing a pattern selection dialog.
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