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If you plan to use Bonobo Activation for your own CORBA servers, you should use the following simple checklist.

  • Create a unique UUID for your CORBA server by using libuuid and uuidgen (both are available by anonymous ftp from in /pub/linux/packages/ext2fs. These are part of the e2fsprogs package.

  • Create a proper .server file for your server describing its IDL interfaces, its main properties and the way it is to be activated.

  • Call bonobo_activation_init (make sure you do not initialize twice by calling bonobo_activation_is_initialized). Then, call bonobo_activation_active_server_register to register yourself as running to the Bonobo Activation daemon.

If you are a client willing to activate a few servers, it is a little simpler: you just must make sure you call the bonobo_activation_init function and you can then call bonobo_activation_query or bonobo_activation_activate or bonobo_activation_activate_from_id.

Here, put a real-life example of a client and a server.

The non-local case

Here, present how to use setup the system for the non-local case. If anyone is willing to write this part, mail in the meantime, you can have a look at the code in gnome-libs HEAD from cvs. (I never had time to go look at it)

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