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Release history

Release history — Major changes between versions of GtkImageView.

This chapter lists all major changes that has occured in GtkImageView. Each version is sorted in reverse chronological order.

Major changes in 1.6.4

  • Experimental support for the build tool waf.
  • Fix test failures when compiling with -O0. See r631.
  • Ensure that conversions from double to int are performed correctly. Fixes for ticket31.
  • Clarify what gtk_image_view_get_draw_rect() and gtk_image_view_get_viewport() returns when the view is not allocated.

Major changes in 1.6.3

  • Ensure that the header testlib.h is included in distributed tarball. Fixes ticket30.

Major changes in 1.6.2

  • Fix for ticket11. The tools mouse motion and button release event handlers should return TRUE if they handled the event themselves.
  • Fix for ticket29. The static image is displayed instead of the first frame of an animation in case that animation only has one frame. This helps make progressive loading work better.
  • Fix for ticket23. To small zoom factors are disallowed which should prevent the filter matrices to become rediculously large and eat up all memory.
  • Horizontal scrolls should not crash GtkImageView anymore.
  • gtk_image_view_image_to_widget_rect() ceils the size of the output rectangle. See ticket24.

Major changes in 1.6.1

None, bugfix release only.

Major changes in 1.6.0

  • gtk_image_view_image_to_widget_rect() was added to GtkImageView. It is a utility function useful determining where on the widget a certain part of the image is.
  • The function gtk_image_view_damage_pixels() was added. It is supposed to be used instead of gtk_image_view_set_pixbuf to mark an area as damaged.
  • gtk_iimage_tool_pixbuf_changed() got a third argument which is a pointer either to the changed rectangle in the pixbuf or NULL. This was needed to accomodate for the new pixel damage system.
  • ImageViewDrawer was renamed to GdkPixbufDrawCache and placed in the file gdkpixbufdrawcache.c. It is now part of the public interface. See its documentation page for more information.
  • A new function gtk_image_view_library_version() was added to find out the runtime version of GtkImageView.

Major changes in 1.5.0

  • gtk_image_nav_get_pixbuf() was added to GtkImageNav. It returns the downsampled pixbuf the navigator is showing or NULL. The function is mostly useful for testing.
  • GtkImageNav aquired a flag variable that controls that the downsampled pixbuf is not created unless necessary. It makes the GtkImageScrollWin faster to instantiate, but may break ABI.

Major changes in 1.4.0

  • The function gtk_image_view_get_draw_rect() was added. It is a useful function used by both of the tools.
  • The navigator button in GtkImageScrollWin now has a cute tooltip and the same prelight effect that gnome-panel has.
  • Redraw speed has been improved greatly. In particular, GtkImageToolSelector and redraws caused by moving other windows on top of the widget should now be much quicker.
  • Killed the gtk_image_view_set_offset_invalidating() function. Instead, gtk_image_view_set_offset() has a boolean flag which indicates whether to do an invalidating redraw or a fast scroll. This change breaks API and maybe also ABI.
  • GtkFitMode was removed along with gtk_image_view_set_fit_mode() and gtk_image_view_get_fit_mode(). Since there were only two items in the enum (fit or not fit), it was much cleaner to just pass a gboolean. The accessor functions has also been renamed to gtk_image_view_set_fitting() and gtk_image_view_get_fit_mode() to reflect this new and simpler interface. This change also breaks API and perhaps even ABI.

Major changes in 1.3.0

  • The GtkImageView widget has undergone major internal reconstruction work. I wanted to support making rectangular selections on the view area. Selections are useful for many reasons -- selecting, cutting, cropping etc. I want to support exactly the kind of selection tool that gThumb's image crop dialog has.

    To implement this feature GtkImageView has been made extensible via aggregation. It now uses an interface called GtkIImageTool which encapsulats certain behaviour. This means that it will be possible to extend GtkImageView with other tools too, such as drawing tools.

    The feature isn't completed yet, but I'm checking it in anyway to avoid having to check in a super-large changeset at an even later date. See this blog post for even more details.

    There is currently two tools implemented, GtkImageToolDragger and GtkImageToolSelector. See their respective manual pages.

  • The function gtk_image_view_set_offset_invalidating() was added. The function has the same purpose as gtk_image_view_set_offset(), but queues the redraw by invalidating the whole widget instead of immediately repainting. The effect is that superfluous redraws can sometimes be avoided at the expense of more cpu usage.

Major changes in 1.2.0

  • The functions gtk_image_view_get_check_colors() and gtk_image_view_set_transp() was added. These additions enable users to define how GtkImageView should render transparent parts of images with an alpha channel. See ./tests/interactive.c for an example.

Major changes in 1.1.0

  • gtk_image_view_set_pixbuf() was changed to accept three parameters. The third parameter is a gboolean that defines whether to reset fit mode or not. It should almost always be TRUE.

    This change replaces the old (and undocumented) gtk_image_view_set_pixbuf_no_repaint() function.

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