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Part I. GStreamer Libraries

Table of Contents

GStreamer Base and Utillity Classes
GstAggregator — Base class for mixers and muxers, manages a set of input pads and aggregates their streams
GstAggregatorPadGstPad subclass for pads managed by GstAggregator
GstBaseParse — Base class for stream parsers
GstBaseSrc — Base class for getrange based source elements
GstBaseSink — Base class for sink elements
GstBaseTransform — Base class for simple transform filters
GstPushSrc — Base class for push based source elements
GstAdapter — adapts incoming data on a sink pad into chunks of N bytes
GstBitReader — Reads any number of bits from a memory buffer
GstByteReader — Reads different integer, string and floating point types from a memory buffer
GstByteWriter — Writes different integer, string and floating point types to a memory buffer and allows reading
GstCollectPads — manages a set of pads that operate in collect mode
GstFlowCombiner — Utility to combine multiple flow returns into one
GstTypeFindHelper — Utility functions for typefinding
GstDataQueue — Threadsafe queueing object
GstQueueArray — Array based queue object
GStreamer Dynamic Parameter Control
GstARGBControlBinding — attachment for control sources to argb properties
GstDirectControlBinding — direct attachment for control sources
GstProxyControlBinding — attachment for forwarding control sources
GstTimedValueControlSource — timed value control source base class
GstInterpolationControlSource — interpolation control source
GstLFOControlSource — LFO control source
GstTriggerControlSource — trigger control source
GStreamer Network Classes
GstNetAddressMeta — Network address metadata
GstNetClientClock — Special clock that synchronizes to a remote time provider.
GstNetControlMessageMeta — Network Control Message Meta
GstNetTimePacket — Helper structure to construct clock packets used by network clocks.
GstNetTimeProvider — Special object that exposed the time of a clock on the network.
GstPtpClock — Special clock that synchronizes to a remote time provider via PTP (IEEE1588:2008).
GStreamer Check Unit Testing
GstCheck — Common code for GStreamer unit tests
GstBufferStraw — Buffer interception code for GStreamer unit tests
GstStreamConsistencyChecker — Data flow consistency checker for GStreamer unit tests.
GstHarness — A test-harness for writing GStreamer unit tests
GstTestClock — Controllable, deterministic clock for GStreamer unit tests

To ease the creation of plugins, a library system was created. The most common functions for a plugin can be found in a library.

GStreamer provides some standard libraries you can use to create plugins.

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