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gst-plugins-ugly Plugins

a52dec — Decodes ATSC A/52 encoded audio streams
amrnb — Adaptive Multi-Rate Narrow-Band
amrwbdec — Adaptive Multi-Rate Wide-Band Decoder
asf — Demuxes and muxes audio and video in Microsofts ASF format
cdio — Read audio from audio CDs
dvdlpcmdec — Decode DVD LPCM frames into standard PCM
dvdread — Access a DVD with dvdread
dvdsub — DVD subtitle parser and decoder
mpeg2dec — LibMpeg2 decoder
realmedia — RealMedia support plugins
sid — Uses libsidplay to decode .sid files
x264 — libx264-based H264 plugins
xingmux — Add XING tags to mpeg audio files
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