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gst-plugins-good Plugins

1394 — Source for video data via IEEE1394 interface
aasink — ASCII Art video sink
alaw — ALaw audio conversion routines
alphacolor — RGBA from/to AYUV colorspace conversion preserving the alpha channel
alpha — adds an alpha channel to video - constant or via chroma-keying
apetag — APEv1/2 tag reader
audiofx — Audio effects plugin
audioparsers — Parsers for various audio formats
auparse — parses au streams
autodetect — Plugin contains auto-detection plugins for video/audio in- and outputs
avi — AVI stream handling
cacasink — Colored ASCII Art video sink
cairo — Cairo-based elements
cutter — Audio Cutter to split audio into non-silent bits
debug — elements for testing and debugging
deinterlace — Deinterlacer
directsound — DirectSound plugin
dtmf — DTMF plugins
dv — DV demuxer and decoder based on libdv (
effectv — effect plugins from the effectv project
equalizer — GStreamer audio equalizers
flac — The FLAC Lossless compressor Codec
flv — FLV muxing and demuxing plugin
flxdec — FLC/FLI/FLX video decoder
gdkpixbuf — GdkPixbuf-based image decoder, overlay and sink
goom2k1 — GOOM 2k1 visualization filter
goom — GOOM visualization filter
gtk — Gtk+ sink
icydemux — Demux ICY tags from a stream
id3demux — Demux ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags from a file
imagefreeze — Still frame stream generator
interleave — Audio interleaver/deinterleaver
isomp4 — ISO base media file format support (mp4, 3gpp, qt, mj2)
jack — JACK audio elements
jpeg — JPeg plugin library
lame — Encode MP3s with LAME
level — Audio level plugin
matroska — Matroska and WebM stream handling
monoscope — Monoscope visualization
mpg123 — mp3 decoding based on the mpg123 library
mulaw — MuLaw audio conversion routines
multifile — Reads/Writes buffers from/to sequentially named files
multipart — multipart stream manipulation
navigationtest — Template for a video filter
oss4 — Open Sound System (OSS) version 4 support for GStreamer
ossaudio — OSS (Open Sound System) support for GStreamer
osxaudio — OSX (Mac OS X) audio support for GStreamer
osxvideo — OSX native video output plugin
png — PNG plugin library
pulseaudio — PulseAudio plugin library
qmlgl — Qt gl plugin
replaygain — ReplayGain volume normalization
rtpmanager — RTP session management plugin library
rtp — Real-time protocol plugins
rtsp — transfer data via RTSP
shapewipe — Shape Wipe transition filter
shout2 — Sends data to an icecast server using libshout2
smpte — Apply the standard SMPTE transitions on video images
soup — libsoup HTTP client src/sink
spectrum — Run an FFT on the audio signal, output spectrum data
speex — Speex plugin library
taglib — Tag writing plug-in based on taglib
twolame — Encode MP2s with TwoLAME
udp — transfer data via UDP
video4linux2 — elements for Video 4 Linux
videobox — resizes a video by adding borders or cropping
videocrop — Crops video into a user-defined region
videofilter — Video filters plugin
videomixer — Video mixer
vpx — VP8 plugin
waveform — WaveForm API based plugin
wavenc — Encode raw audio into WAV
wavpack — Wavpack lossless/lossy audio format handling
wavparse — Parse a .wav file into raw audio
ximagesrc — X11 video input plugin using standard Xlib calls
y4menc — Encodes a YUV frame into the yuv4mpeg format (mjpegtools)
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