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API Reference

Table of Contents

General — Library initialization and miscellaneous functions
GdkDisplayManager — Maintains a list of all open GdkDisplays
GdkDisplay — Controls a set of GdkScreens and their associated input devices
GdkScreen — Object representing a physical screen
GdkSeat — Object representing an user seat
GdkMonitor — Object representing an output
GdkDevice — Object representing an input device
GtkDevicePad — Pad device interface
Points and Rectangles — Simple graphical data types
Pixbufs — Functions for obtaining pixbufs
RGBA Colors — RGBA colors
Visuals — Low-level display hardware information
Cursors — Standard and pixmap cursors
Windows — Onscreen display areas in the target window system
Frame clock — Frame clock syncs painting to a window or display
Frame timings — Object holding timing information for a single frame
GdkDrawingContext — Drawing context for GDK windows
GdkGLContext — OpenGL context
Events — Functions for handling events from the window system
Event Structures — Data structures specific to each type of event
Key Values — Functions for manipulating keyboard codes
Selections — Functions for transferring data between programs
Drag And Drop — Functions for controlling drag and drop handling
Properties and Atoms — Functions to manipulate properties on windows
Threads — Functions for using GDK in multi-threaded programs
Pango Interaction — Using Pango in GDK
Cairo Interaction — Functions to support using cairo
X Window System Interaction — X backend-specific functions
Wayland Interaction — Wayland backend-specific functions
Application launching — Startup notification for applications
Testing — Test utilities
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