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Index of new symbols in 3.20


GdkDevice:num-touches, object property in GdkDevice
GdkDevice:seat, object property in GdkDevice
gdk_device_get_seat, function in GdkDevice
GdkDisplay::seat-added, object signal in GdkDisplay
GdkDisplay::seat-removed, object signal in GdkDisplay
gdk_display_get_default_seat, function in GdkDisplay
gdk_display_list_seats, function in GdkDisplay
GdkDragCancelReason, enum in Drag and Drop
GdkDragContext::action-changed, object signal in Drag and Drop
GdkDragContext::cancel, object signal in Drag and Drop
GdkDragContext::dnd-finished, object signal in Drag and Drop
GdkDragContext::drop-performed, object signal in Drag and Drop
gdk_drag_begin_from_point, function in Drag and Drop
gdk_drag_context_get_drag_window, function in Drag and Drop
gdk_drag_context_manage_dnd, function in Drag and Drop
gdk_drag_context_set_hotspot, function in Drag and Drop
gdk_drag_drop_done, function in Drag and Drop


gdk_event_get_seat, function in Events
gdk_event_is_scroll_stop_event, function in Events


gdk_gl_context_is_legacy, function in GdkGLContext


gdk_rectangle_equal, function in Points, Rectangles and Regions


GdkSeat::device-added, object signal in GdkSeat
GdkSeat::device-removed, object signal in GdkSeat
GdkSeat:display, object property in GdkSeat
GdkSeatCapabilities, enum in GdkSeat
GdkSeatGrabPrepareFunc, user_function in GdkSeat
gdk_seat_get_capabilities, function in GdkSeat
gdk_seat_get_keyboard, function in GdkSeat
gdk_seat_get_pointer, function in GdkSeat
gdk_seat_get_slaves, function in GdkSeat
gdk_seat_grab, function in GdkSeat
gdk_seat_ungrab, function in GdkSeat
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