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PKCS#11 GObject Bindings

GckModule — A loaded and initialized PKCS#11 module.
GckSlot — Represents a PKCS#11 slot that can contain a token.
GckSession — Represents an open PKCS11 session.
GckObject — Represents a PKCS11 object such as a key or certificate.
GckAttribute — A PKCS11 attribute.
GckAttributes — A set of PKCS11 attributes.
GckObjectCache — An interface which holds attributes for a PKCS#11 object
GckEnumerator — Enumerates through PKCS#11 objects.
GckModule lists — Dealing with lists of PKCS#11 modules.
Errors — Gck Errors and error codes.
PKCS11 URIs — Parsing and building PKCS#11 URIs.
Library Utilities — Library utilities such as version checks
Miscellaneous Functions — Other miscellaneous functions.
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